Connect your existing website to the Booking Engine reservation system

Create your own direct sales funnel to website pages. Allows you to receive reservations from online channels through hotel websites automatically. to support the increasing number of customers

Booking Engine

is a tool for accepting bookings from your existing website. You already have a website? You can add a booking system to your website. accept direct bookings and easily accept online payments

What can the Booking Engine system do?

What can the Booking Engine system do?

Supports multiple languages and currencies

Booking engine supports 24 languages and 159 currencies and local tax rates. Guests can view prices in their local currency with real-time conversion rates. This way, you can market in different countries. as much as you want

English (United States)Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)Bulgarian
German (Germany)GreekSpanish (Spain)
French (France)HindiCroatian
HungarianIndonesian (Indonesia)Italian (Italy)
KoreanMalay (Malaysia)Dutch (Netherlands)
Norwegian (Norway)Portuguese (Portugal)Romanian
Tagalog (Philippines)TurkishChinese (China)


Mobile Freindly

We designed it to be a system that is fully compatible with mobile devices. So your customers can book easily. from your phone or tablet


Payment Gateway

We have a secure platform for booking hotels. by connecting to all major service providers To help make bookings for all your customers in one place.


Sell more products and services

We create tools that allow you to add buttons to reserve products and services. In addition to the room (Extra Service) on your website easily. This will increase your daily income by up to 20%.

แพ็คเกจ ดีล

Package Deal and Promo Code

The Booking Engine tool allows us to create different types of offers, be it packages, deals or promotions. These tools will help you give your customers a better impression and experience.

Connect to the Google Hotel Ads Platform

We can use the Booking Engine system to connect seamlessly with the major search engine (Metasearch) like Google Hotel Ads, so your room details will be displayed on the Google platform when searching. And support for direct booking easily


Bookable on your website

Our booking engine is the easiest way to build your website’s booking engine. All you need is a button on the website. This lets people book directly from your site. without having to go outside to make a reservation